The Dame with the Fangs (Vampire Gangsters #1)

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He repeatedly uses his pain and his damage to make himself more appealing to women. It has just become another weapon in his arsenal, no matter how many times he gets all teary eyed and tortured artist. In this moment, Jafar swore revenge and turned to the dark side.

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To that end, Jafar would kill, deceive, steal and torture until finally he had his father in his grasp. No matter what evil he did, Jafar could not come to any kind of closure about his parentage. In fact, his greatest wish was for the Sultan to call him son, a wish that would be denied repeatedly.

Jafar is actually willing to rewrite the entire rules of reality to compel his daddy to love him, no matter who he destroys or what suffering he brings. Then you have people like Rumpelstiltskin, who hit the Daddy issues from two sides of the equation.

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The Pan in Once Upon A Time , is angry, calculating, evil and willing to sacrifice anyone to get what he wants. To his credit, Rumplestiltskin does blame some of his decision on his cowardice and love of power but he does suggest that at least an element of his ongoing problems are based in his daddy issues. Then you have Rumplestiltskin as a father to Neil.

Rumplestiltskin knows that he is a failure as a father and that is obvious by his ongoing obsession with the fact that he deserted Neil. Rumplestiltskin constantly invokes Baelfire and connects it to his shame but Baelfire never really serves as motivation for real and lasting change.

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Ultimately, what Rumpelstiltskin wants to do is to do all the heinous things he desires, exercise his power, and manipulate everyone in sight, all while whining about his failure as a father to garner sympathy or claim justification. Baelfire is like a trump card that Rumplestiltskin pulls out of back pocket when he needs to humanise himself. Oh he has Daddy issues but they are convenient Daddy issues. So, melodramatic super hero. Whose antics get him murdered. At home Liv and Major are arguing, Liv used his phone and finger to try and find out if he was cheating on her which is a major violation of privacy while Gilda at the other end of the phone convinced Liv that he actually was.

Of course Liv is snacking down on brains. Blaine, alas, has annoying minions — Donny brings a wounded man to him. Blaine recognises him and I not amused. Liv turns him — and Blaine gives him some zombie induction. And the offer to find brains. The man, Drake, seems quite grateful to be zombified — so far. Which they swallowed — and were then murdered by Stacey boss and buried.

Well, grave finding first. And, bonus, Stacey Boss is also looking for them. Meanwhile the murder investigation uncovers a whole pack of wannabe super heroes. The gang of misfits were being recruited by Chris to take down Stacey Boss and his shipment of guns which even they considered… unwise.

One of the beauties of urban fantasy is that adept writers are able to incorporate real world locations into almost any storyline. Suspension of disbelief is one the first concepts taught to film school students and in many creative writing classes. Setting stories in real places with historically accurate facts woven into the storyline makes suspension of disbelief easier.

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I have come up with a list of places that I think would provide worthy settings. Cast and Kristin Cast. There is not enough booze in the world. Ok, Zoey is feeling isolated with her friends turning on her — which is a problem because have several prophecies. This is why the book is so full of recapping, every element of the last book repeatedly hashed over not as Stand Alone Stuffing, but because the authors seem to have that little opinion of the intelligence of their readers.

The meaning of it is obvious, I mean really really really obvious. It had to be spelled out step by step in ridiculous detail. It makes the book — already slow and lacking in any real development or action — even slower and more painful to read. And can we address that element as well? Nothing happens! Not until the very end of the book when Zoey and gang finally bravely run away. All through the book they just kind of hang around and mope.

I would say they were developing their relationships or resolving conflicts or making plans — but none of that is true.

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All her friends hate her? That takes two paragraphs to resolve. A paragraph. A prophecy to interpret? Takes pages but zero effort. We have lots and lots and lots of circle casting with little achievement. Hand wringing about Stevie-Rae without any real advancement or thought. Labels: 0. Labels: 3 Fangs , television , The Librarians , tnt. After the revelation of last episode we return again to the night when Evie first disappeared — this time following the girls. When one cries, Evie tells her not to — through writing. They go to the lake, set up their car to be found and watch Kevin jump in the lake — before the earthquake drains it and saved Kevin.

Patti is gone. At the Murphy household tension are high and they finally open the present Evie got John for his birthday on the day he disappeared — inside is a bug. Big tense confrontation time. Laurie is too aware of her own epic guilt to make any kind of convincing arguments against her. Nora has a crying baby and Mary and ever more frazzling nerves. Like everything on this show it could be related, it could be random.

After the shaking stops Mary wakes up and talks, asking for Matt. Labels: 3 Fangs , HBO , mystery , season finale , television , the leftovers. Labels: 3 Fangs , magic , television , The Librarians. Labels: 2.

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  4. The Running Game Reachers 1 by L. Always hunted, always funning — always ready to hide even in this broken England, brought down by economic disaster and war. Now she has to run again — but she may have finally found help, two brothers with an involved past, their own secrets ad a painful history they are determined to resolve.

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    If she helps them, she may have finally found the allies she needs to survive and a life worth living. I really like this vision of dystopian England — one brought apart from financial collapse and repeated wars that have brought the country down. Yes yes I am. London is still relatively wealthy and stable — but has carefully isolated itself from the shanty town around it, fencing it in and creating a lawless, corrupt land run by gangland.

    A gangland that could have come straight from the pages of an old British gangster novel — or gangster documentary. I like how very very British the book is — some books have an excellent sign of time and place while others feel like just a name put on a generic setting.

    This is England, beyond doubt. And I love how this whole underworld plotline works. The almost cartoonish characters, each with their own agendas and motives which makes for a wonderful story of doublecross and not quite knowing who to trust as everyone has secrets, everyone has their own agendas. On top of that we have a wonderful sense of the old guard under threat. These gangsters have seen their empire fall apart and are desperate to rebuild it — but to do so requires desperate measures and a whole lot of paranoia.

    Everyone — from the Smith brothers trying to recover from their loss, to Pinky trying to rebuild his empire to Rachel trying to rebuild her life — everyone has lost something and everyone is trying to rebuild. Thematically that sense of decline and stress is really excellently conveyed. Labels: 4 Fangs , book review , dystopia , l. Waaaay back when Killian and Regina were both evil and made a deal: Regina tried to recruit Killian to kill her mother in exchange for a trip to a land without magic where he can kill Rumpletiltskin without his magic.

    True love broke the curse and made him a better man. Oh and as a better man he has a new son. This apparently inspires Killian to spare his dad and get him to safety rather than stabbing him in the face. His dead older brother. Generally, if there is a peaceful solution, I will take it, so reconciliation seems a no brainer. Ji Wen Ja suggests that Lu Feng kills women and children.

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    If either are to be believed, they deserve to die anyway. But then, they could be lying. What did you decide to do? Chances are I'll have done this quest before this thread is ever even replied to, but I just wonder what others did here. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Honestly I usually go with the reconcilation option. I prefer getting the XP and Humanity since if my character has a high humanity, that's what they'd do.

    I like to think they lie about what they say just to try and get someone else to feel the same way they do. Especially since Lu Fang even refers to Ji Wen Ja at one point as "seller of sister's underwear" and his sister must be dead or his age so Something else I just thought of, I usually don't need the money I could get from this quest by the time I do it. The only things I ever really spend money on are ammo, new armor, and blood packs if I know I'm going somewhere tough like the Nossie sewers or a major boss fight.

    P View Profile View Posts. Anvos View Profile View Posts. Plus its just sad how small the catch of money is for what they considered their biggest job. I get this job happened in like the s or something but less than 10k seems like a poor sum for professional hitmen. Last edited by Anvos ; 11 May, am. Originally posted by Anvos :. Originally posted by wesp5 :. Scrubwave View Profile View Posts. XP over money any day, especially since money in Bloodlines isn't exactly hard to come by. admin