Really, a Worst-Case Scenario

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I knew how it was to live on welfare eating instant noodles everyday. Learning this was an absolute relief and suddenly my brain opened up with possibilities.

The very worst-case scenario

Sure, I had no money, no specific talent and certainly nothing on my resume. But I defined my own worst case scenario. From then on, every time I had this bad stomach pain and was facing a big risk I asked one simple question:. I know the answer.

Why Worst-Case Scenario Thinking Can Actually Help You Work Through Anxiety

My worst case scenario is polishing silver ware. I told this to myself from the moment I declined my first job offer.

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The moment I knew, I can be a silverware polisher if everything goes downhill. In our head things often look bigger than they actually are.

Joe - Worst Case Scenario

Visualizing our goals is common and powerful, but often it comes with defining safety as well. Use this phrase for talking about the possible negative consequences of something. People actually often talk about the "worst case scenario" to make something seem safe.

How to Avoid the Worst-Case Scenario: Business Failure

If you say that the "worst case scenario" is something that isn't really that bad, then it makes your decisions or actions seem OK. For example, moving back in with your parents isn't too bad, so it makes it seem OK that the speaker lost his job.

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Out of those thoughts many options occur, and funny enough, most of them could be really interesting and good. Suddenly we have a completely different perspective on the situation. We start seeing possibilities and opportunities.

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  6. We might even have ideas on how to position for those opportunities. Our energy goes up and we look forward to the future. In both cases, we have only one concrete piece of information: the announcement of a sale. admin